Summary 2017

Dear Friends! 2017 has come to its end. Some of you may already be celebrating, someone is still finishing tasks, someone is still working hard during the winter holidays. Nevertheless, we’d like to congratulate all of you with the upcoming New Year! We also want to share how we’ve spent this year with you.


Summing up, within 2017 in ComonGames:


  • the team was reorganized and enlarged;


  • in the second episode of The Uncertain , the basic functionality is ready for setting the gameplay, the camera system and the controller of the character’s control;


  • we’ve updated several characters that were created back in 2016 for 2 episodes – improved the quality of models, textures and details;


  • some levels are ready on a basic level (without details and some models); the work on the gameplay has began;


  • the gameplay of the 70% game time is done;


  • a new system of dynamic music has been created, which makes it very diverse;


  • the soundtrack of the game is about 50% ready;


  • 1 episode of The Uncertain is released for iOS;


  • the system for localizing voice, subtitles and textures was created;


  • support for Xbox, Steam and Dualshock controllers;


  • created more than half of the game’s arts;


  • created a VR gallery of the game, which is free and available on Steam.


We did a lot in 2017, and 2018 promises to be no less productive. Stay with us!


We wish all your dreams come true, and may the holidays give you strength for new achievements! Happy upcoming New Year!

The Uncertain 2 New Year 2018

  • julien dupont

    Thanks you !! i like the first episode ! thanks for your work ! i wait the final version of the game 🙂