Black Fridays Sale

More and more alarming news are coming from the robot world.

A robot has been created, who can process living organisms into energy. Little Chubby was the first robot, who attacked a human. RT-217NP is a robot, who can tell his story for half the price. A humanoid robot PIBOT can fly a passenger jet completely unassisted.

Confused by this sudden digest from the modern technology world? So are we. But that’s not the point. The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day joined the Black Friday sale and is available for half the price in Steam and for NVidia SHIELD Android TV. The sale lasts one week only, until the 28 November on NVidia SHIELD Android TV and until the 29 — in Steam.

So now’s just the right time to discover the story of a lonely robot in a world with no humans left. What if one day our fantasies will turn into frightening truth? Who knows…