The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day has been finally released!

We are delighted to announce that The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day has been finally released!

Be a robot in our new adventure game! Can you comprehend the human nature in the age devoid of humanity? Engage in a breathtaking story, put your puzzle solving skills to the test and uncover the ultimate mystery of this post-apocalyptic world!

You can check out the details at any of these stores:



P.S. The updates are coming – German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese subtitles will be added soon!

Art The Uncertain Episode 1

  • kgbme

    Cool, but, hey (!): the user interface, when you click on the Hand icon from afar and hold-down SHIFT (for run), the robot does NOT run to get the item. Dunno if this is deliberate, if it -perhaps- serves a purpose (just started playing, literally), but maybe this is something to work on for Episode 2 (unless it is, it isn’t :))

  • Snuppy Snup

    Nice game. Camera is bad which make navigation like blind-wall-head-banging , it should be more like dreamfall chapters (thats great game with nice 360 degree rotate camera) .